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SME Client Support Afghanistan

SME Client Support Afghanistan LLC (SCSA) is a Kabul-based financial consulting company focused on providing ancillary services to ACGF – Afghan Credit Guarantee Foundation (ACGF), including technical assistance (TA) consultations for Afghan Partner Instiutions on behalf of ACGF.

SCSA is a subsidiary of ACGF, the charitable foundation based in Cologne, Germany. ACGF provides development services to the financial sector of Afghanistan. SCSA closely assists ACGF in fulfilling its mission – improving access to finance for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Afghanistan. ACGF works towards fulfilling the mission through providing credit guarantees and TA to its Afghan Partner Institutions.

SCSA was established in 2015 and employs 25 staff members. SCSA is registered with Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA) and works across all regions of Afghanistan. Staff of SCSA has a long track record of serving the Afghan financial sector. 

SCSA's expertise include:

  • Consulting in relation to credit guarantee business
  • Advising and consulting with the purpose of developing capacity for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) lending in Afghanistan
  • General consultations on the banking and financial sector in Afghanistan
  • Consultations in connection with the development of financial systems, technical assistance, on-the-job training and other support of the Afghan Partner Institutions
Photographer: Naveed Nawabi

 SCSA staff has contributed to the following achievements of ACGF:

  • TA activities: SCSA facilitates introduction and further development of best practice SME credit technology, improvement of environmental and social risk management standards, enhancement of counter-terror-financing and anti-money laundering procedures etc.
  • Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) departments: SCSA is closely involved in consulting on up-scaling and down-scaling of Afghan Partner Institutions. 
  • High quality portfolio and business volume: SCSA staff extensively consults ACGF on the credit guarantee operations, hence SCSA staff can be credited to a large extent for the high quality of the portfolio. 

SCSA and its staff have earned a very good reputation in the financial sector of Afghanistan and the donor community due to their professionalism, successful and sustainable work